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This is one of two headguards I use, the other being your standard open face headguard. This is great for those of you who aren’t planning to go amateur or fight in white collar bouts because you never have to worry about getting punched in the nose. It is a sizeable target so does take some getting used to, you will likely take more shots to the head as you get used to it as it is so big and the bar can obscure your vision, your opponent will love sparring you at first! But once you are used to it and have adjusted it will be a great asset to you as it provides increased protection and does a great job at cushioning blows, you won’t really feel many punches.

I use this for defensive sparring, so if I am not really throwing punches and purely defending whilst teaching my client and encouraging him to attack and throw punches, this is great for me! It is also a great price at under £35 so give it a look on Amazon if you want a facesaver headguard which offers maximum protection.

  • Triple padding with shock-absorbent gel-lining incorporated with foam to offer max shock-absorption
  • Optional steel face-bar with Zero Impact G-Core technology ensures maximum overall protection
  • Resilient Maya Hide leather construction makes these headguard stubbornly durable and long-lasting
  • Unique rear lock system on top of head provides snug adjustability with lace lock top-side
  • Obstruction-free sight with ergonomic design along with padded ear protection


Unfortunately the other headguard I use is not being sold on Amazon any longer, which is a real shame as it is very good, I have been using it for 6yrs! It is your usual open face headguard which is light on the head, offers good protection and vision and basically does the job, it was cheap too! Here is a very similar headguard to what it looked like and if I was to buy a new headguard now, it would be similar to the one below.

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