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Forgotten Legends Of The Ring – Nicolino Locche

  When people think of great Boxing nations, especially those south of the USA, it is often Mexico which springs to mind, the nation has given us some of the all time greats such as Julio Cesar Chavez and a young boxer tragically killed at 23, Salvador Sanchez who may have ended up being the […]

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How To Punch Harder

Increasing your punching power This is a question I get asked a lot when coaching Boxing, along with increasing your punching speed. There is never a simple answer to the question, it is often said that punchers are born and not made, and I do believe that you will come across people, who no matter […]

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How To Box Against A Southpaw

How to Box against Southpaws Here is a quick run down of some key points to remember when boxing against a southpaw. Fighting a southpaw is never easy if you are an orthodox boxer,simply because we just do not come across them often enough, whereas for a southpaw he is most often fighting against an orthodox […]

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Don’t Be Predictable!

Don’t be Predictable! To the untrained eye, Boxing to many is just a mindless slug fest, two men(or women) step inside a ring in front of hundreds or thousands of fans and commence to pummel each other until one is defeated, there’s no thinking involved, just a battle of brute strength to see who hits the hardest and […]

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How To Wrap Your Hands

There are a number of ways you can wrap your hands, I would recommend you use wraps which are at least 4.5m in length. Here Spencer Oliver demonstrates just one of the many ways he uses to wrap the hands.      

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