16th September 2017

Client Interview: Meet Lavesh

Meet Lavesh. Lavesh was initially coming to me for weight training but soon changed to Boxing just after the Mayweather v Pacquio fight. He has come […]
22nd August 2017

Client Interview: Meet Ravi

Meet Ravi. Ravi has been training with me for a few years, he first started off with weight training and now predominantly trains Boxing with me […]
9th August 2017

Client Interview: Meet Michael

Meet Michael. Michael has been Boxing with me and like myself, is a fan of cricket and Boxing. Michael’s family are originally from Trinidad & Tobago, […]
25th July 2017

Client Interview: Meet Ryan Helman

Meet Ryan. Ryan has been training with me for 4yrs and recently turned 60yrs old! Yet he is still training, Boxing and producing music! The lead […]