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1st February 2017
ali tyson

Muhammad Ali v Mike Tyson – Who Wins?

Boxing is a sport which has created superstars, if there is any sport which can claim to have created ‘Superman’ or ‘Supermen’, it is Boxing, and […]
18th January 2017

How To Use Feints In Boxing

How To Use Feints In Boxing To become a capable boxer, you must learn to use feints. Feinting is a necessary advanced skill all Boxers will […]
4th January 2017

Can You Lose Weight In 30 mins Per Day?

Yes! 30mins of exercise is plenty, of course there are several factors, how intense is your work out? Are you making healthy food choices? I’m not […]
28th December 2016

How To Fight Someone Taller Than You

How To Fight A Taller Boxer One of the most difficult fights in the ring you can ever experience is against an opponent who has a […]