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6th November 2016

How To Fight A Southpaw

Southpaws(a left handed fighter who jabs with the right hand) will always present a tricky challenge to an orthodox fighter(someone who jabs with the left hand […]
29th August 2016
right cross counter

How To Counter The Right Cross

In this video we go over four counters to the right cross. The majority of the Boxers you will come across will be orthodox fighters, so […]
19th August 2016
right cross

How To Punch Harder – The Right Cross

The cross will be one of your harder punches, because it will be your dominant hand, if you are an orthodox fighter, the right cross is […]
2nd August 2016

How To Fight Someone Faster Than You

There is an old saying in Boxing – Speed Kills…. If I was to ask you to name any two boxers in history, chances are you […]