Everlast Shadow Boxer Trainer

  • Increases strength in arms and shoulders
  • Improve hand and arm speed
  • Build agility and coordination
  • Develop powerful jabs, hooks, and straight shots

The Everlast shadow boxer is a useful training and fitness aid that encourages the development of jabs, hooks and straight shots and helps you to increase upper body strength, arm speed, coordination and agility. For your comfort both the handles and back supported are foam-covered, and the resistance tubing is heavy-duty to let you practice on the limit. Increase strength in arms and shoulders, improve hand and arm speed, build agility and coordination and develop powerful jabs, hooks, and straight shots.

Well that’s the official description. My take on the product is it is a great tool to warm up with, it helps get you loose for the work out ahead and does build shoulder endurance. You could even use it as part of a more demanding drill during your Boxing work out alternating between shadow boxing, bag work and using the shadow boxing trainer but on the whole I have used this with people I am training at the start of the work out to get them warmed up. It is not a must have item, but does make a good addition to mix things up so it is a nice to have piece of equipment. You get a lot of people who will shadow box with hand weights, this can be seen as an alternative to that because the shadow boxing trainer provides also provides resistance so instead of doing ‘Free’ shadow boxing, try shadow boxing with this piece of equipment for a round or two, switch to hand weights or 1kg dumbbells for another round before finally switching to shadow boxing without any equipment.



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