Home Based Personal Training

Too tired to work out? Not enough time to go to the gym? Then let me bring the work out to you!

There are many benefits to working out at home, in today’s busy times not everyone can make the extra time to pack their gym bag, travel to the gym and find a parking spot(if you’re driving there is always the problem of potential traffic too) not to mention traveling to the gym in bad weather isn’t to everyone’s liking, when its cold and raining outside you won’t have to get to the gym if you’ve already got a trainer booked to come visit you at home. Of course, if the weather is great, you can enjoy a work out in your garden or a near by park too with your Personal Trainer. Having a home based work out means you save time so you spend more time getting fit and less time in transit. In fact, if you are really stretched for time, I would personally recommend the Team Hatton Boxing sessions, these can be completed in a 30min session and are extremely intense, perfect to increase both your health and fitness levels. Here are just a few more advantages of working out at home:

  • Privacy – not everyone likes to work out with prying eyes looking at them in their gym outfit in the gym, especially those new to exercising. By training at home you can work out in privacy and comfort without an audience, and you can choose the music too! Not to mention your surroundings and temperature


  • Training equipment – Home based training will usually involve training techniques which require little equipment, for example, if you choose to do Boxing, I will bring all of the equipment needed, all you will need is a pair of gloves! If you have any equipment, I can easily include this into the work out for you!


  • Accountability – There’s no talking yourself out of going to the gym when you have scheduled a time for me to come see you and I turn up at your doorstep. This helps keep you on track to reach your health goals and get into your best shape


  • Convenience – Do you have young children? It can be difficult scheduling time to work out when you have children to look after, but by having a trainer come to your home you can feel secure knowing your kids are never far away. It is also a great example to set the kids, leading a healthy and active lifestyle for them to see ( I am CRB/DBS checked for your peace of mind, they can even train with you!)


Train in the comfort of your own home

Train in the comfort of your own home


So there really is no excuse now to get into the best shape of your life, whether you require a 60 minute workout or a shorter sharp burst of 30 minutes, you can change your life in the comfort of your own home.

*Home based Boxing training – Prices are flexible and can be changed depending on distance, for more info email info@fayzfitness.co.uk or call 07887522475