How To Defend And Counter The Double Jab

In this video we go over how to defend and counter the double jab. The double jab is a very effective punch and it often will catch out your opponent as the jab is a punch which can be used in various ways so it is very hard to predict what is coming. To defend against the double jab, ideally you want to be using both hands whilst stepping back with the punches, using your left hand to parry the first jab and then your right hand to parry the second jab. From here you will throw your right hand over the top of the right hand parry as the counter, it is difficult to get a lot of power in to your right hand in this counter so it is almost like a jab, except with your rear hand but it is a very effective counter which can upset your opponents rhythm and flow of punches especially if they are punching off the double jab and planning to put another punch at the end of it(such as hooking off the jab or their own right hand). Have a look at the video below to see a demonstration of how it is done.


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