Personal Training


Why You Need A Personal Trainer


There are many advantages of having a Personal Trainer. In life if there is something you want to learn, the quickest and most effective route to learning is to get help from someone who has trodden the path you are hoping to walk. If you want to learn how to program code, you would go to a Computer Programmer or Developer, if you wanted to learn any other trade, you would go learn from someone who already has the skills you seek. Personal Training is no different, if you want to learn to get into shape you go to someone who has knowledge of exercise, if you want to learn how to Box you go to someone who already knows how to Box and is able to efficiently teach you the skills you require. Here are just a few of the many reasons why hiring a Personal Trainer is a great idea for anyone looking to reach their fitness goals or even anyone who just wants to improve their general well being and health.

  • Support – Your trainer’s sole focus is on you and your workout and cares only about you and your success. We can provide consistent feedback to help you better achieve your goals, and we are here to celebrate your successes, big or small helping you to stay motivated.


  • Technique – You can read as much as you like and watch as many youtube videos as you like, but nothing beats having someone there to personally guide you and correct your technique. This can also tie in with injury prevention and empowering you with knowledge on different movements and exercise machines so you understand what you are doing.


  • Building Relationships – Its not often you can have an hour or two per week in which the time is solely devoted to you. There are not many people you can share your goals with and who in turn help you reach your goals. It is this personal relationship which helps the partnership of a client and trainer advance towards a shared objective, there may be times you won’t want to talk and just want to work out and other times you want to share your successes, it is this professional relationship aspect which can provide the edge you need.


  • Time – Having a Personal Trainer helps you save time and even money. We are constantly bombarded with a whole range of supplements we don’t always require and I can advise whether you really do need these. A Personal Trainer will cut out the info you don’t require lessening the confusion and develops a program which is the most efficient for you. A trainer helps you get the most out of your work out.


  • Knowledge – A Personal Trainer is not for life, my role is not only to help and support you to reach your goals, but to pass on my knowledge to you so that whenever you are ready to train alone, you will be armed with all the knowledge you need to stay in great shape for life.