Strength and Conditioning for Boxing – The Landmine Lunge and Press

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landmine lunge press

Strength and Conditioning for Boxing – The Landmine Lunge and Press


This is a great movement for conditioning especially and is a great choice if you happen to participate in any combat sports due to the hip drive involved and also the explosiveness of the movement. It is also a perfect choice for sports such as Rugby, American Football and Basketball.

It can be used as a conditioning warm up before the strength work starts ie if you are squatting for strength then the landline lunge and press makes a good warm up. Do these working with an empty bar, 10 either side non dominant side first, so 10 reps on your left side and then 10 reps on your right side. If you have a partner work them in whilst you rest and then as soon as they are done you jump straight back in for a set of 8 reps either side. Continue in this fashion working down to 6, then 4 and finally 2 reps. If you do not have a partner then just work non stop through the rep ranges because it is one side at a time, the other non working side will be getting a rest so you can work one side at a time non stop until you are done so 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

If you choose not to do this as a warm up but instead as a strength based movement then look to increase weight on the bar progressing each week.


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