“The sweet science of boxing broken down into many elements. Faz does well to break things down for all his attendees. Whether your motivation is to get fit through strength conditioning or to learn the art of boxing , Faz is your man!”

Asif, Watford



“Had private sessions with Fas. Amazing teacher really breaks boxing down, how to move around stance and how to really get ko power from your punches.
Really enjoyed the sessions fas is a humble guy and very patient. Thanks Fas.”

Anees, Luton



“Fayz is highly experienced, friendly and a great motivator. Coming from a background of no experience, the methods and training techniques introduced to me have significantly enhanced my speed, fitness, power and endurance.

In less than a year of weekly training, the observable results during sparring are incredible – I feel assured in my ability to defend/attack/counter and continue to improve.

The results Fayz has shown me go far over my original expectations. The training has also lead to me having a more balanced diet, increased stamina and a confidence that spreads through my daily life. “

Lavesh, Barnet


“Fayz has been training me to box for the past 2 or so years and I can confidently say that I have massively improved both my skill-set and functional strength for the sport through his guidance and approach. His breadth of knowledge in boxing compliments his own boxing skill and his ability to demonstrate and deliver the technique to his student.

Besides boxing, I have a particular focus for plyometric and HIT exercises and I can fully trust Fayz to set up a well-balanced and vigorous training circuit for me.

Having been trained by some very experienced PTs in the past from the renowned Central London gym, “Gymbox” I can say without hesitation that Fayz not only surpasses them in terms of knowledge but also delivers it in half the price!”

Ravi, Harrow


“I started training with Fayz after a year away from the gym. As a newly married guy I was finding it difficult to balance work and family commitments  with training.  I knew from experience how valuable a personal trainer can be to give you focus. What I found with Fayz was he is  unlike most other personal trainers who give you a standard template to follow (which normally involved you paying for more sessions), he listens to your goals and tailors a training program to fit with what else you got going on in your life.

As a keen boxer, training with Fayz has improved my skill set and confidence to a level I am now keen to take part in more white collar events.
Whether it’s general fitness, weight training or boxing Fayz will help you achieve your goals.”
Michael, London
I approached Fayz when i was struggling with my weight. When i met him for the first time he quickly put me at ease and understood what i was trying to achieve through the sessions. Overtime i could see a total transformation in my physical body structure. I had become more confident as a result of our sessions. I not only learned about exercising through the use of weights but also learned boxing as well. Fayz was able to guide me through the diet plan as well and advising in what to eat and when to eat. Overall I was happy with Fayz as my trainer and would recommend him to anyone serious about getting into shape. All the best.
Pradeep, Pinner

“I have been training at Watford with Fayz for 3 years.
He is very experienced and teaches technique, drills and sparring.
If you want to learn boxing,  I recommend this guy.”

Ryan, Barnet