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History’s Greatest Athletes

The Greatest Athletes Of All Time History is littered with great athletes from so many different sports, but every once in a while we are blessed to see a true legendary athlete grace the game, someone who is so good and athletically gifted that people who have no interest in the sport will still be […]

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The Answer To All Of Your Problems

The Answer To All Of Your Problems Call me biased, as someone who teaches Boxing, I’m going to say Boxing is the answer to your problems, but before I carry on and explain why, I will also add Boxing isn’t the answer to your problems….in fact I believe any combat sport such as MMA, Muay […]

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The Iron Game – Rules To Success

The Iron Game – Rules To Success What are the rules to succeeding in the gym? We all know people who have started lifting weights and going to the gym with the enthusiasm of a teenager waking up on a Friday morning before the start of the summer holidays knowing they have six weeks of […]

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Forgotten Legends Of The Ring – George Benton

When you hear the term ‘Shoulder Roll’ you automatically think of Floyd Mayweather Jnr. Indeed the ‘Money’ man Mayweather Jnr, in this era of social media coupled with his unquestionably great boxing skills has propelled himself as the front runner in Boxing’s history of great defensive artists. But FMJ was not the first exponent of […]

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Forgotten Legends Of The Ring – The Bodysnatcher Mike McCallum

Two weight World Champion Steve Collins speaking to on the Best boxer he faced ‘The best boxer was definitely Mike McCallum. He was in his prime at 33 years old and I was 26 and still learning. Mike had beaten some of the very best fighters in the world at that point and guys […]

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How To Fight Someone Faster Than You

There is an old saying in Boxing – Speed Kills…. If I was to ask you to name any two boxers in history, chances are you would name at least one probably both of the following names, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Both boxers were fast with quick hands, Ali changed Heavyweight Boxing for good, […]

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