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Renegade Rows

Renegade Rows is a multi purpose multi joint two in one functional exercise that requires stabilization of the core, it is a two arm kettlebell row in a press up position and a rowing variation which on top of working the core, develops the latissimus dorsi, bicep and forearms, recruiting multiple muscle groups the way […]

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Boxing With The Stars – Celebrity Charity Event

Thursday 6th October was the night of Boxing with the stars, a celebrity charity boxing event in aid of Parkinson’s sufferers, injured boxers and after the untimely death of a Boxer, proceeds from the auction were for Iron Mike Towell who sadly lost his life just a week before the event on September 30th. The […]

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Finding Your Range

A short video with Spencer Oliver demonstrating how to find your range in Boxing. Training with him is 14yr old Yaseen. Finding your range is essential in Boxing and the best way to discover whats best for you is through sparring, come in too close and you will get tagged by your opponent, stay too […]

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