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What Should A Beginners Workout Look Like?

What Should A Beginners Workout Look Like? There is a lot of confusion out there for people who want to start working out, and just as much misinformation. When someone decides they want to start exercising by lifting weights, they inevitably end up looking in the wrong place or reading the wrong info. This is […]

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How To Use Feints In Boxing

How To Use Feints In Boxing To become a capable boxer, you must learn to use feints. Feinting is a necessary advanced skill all Boxers will need to learn. If you are not using feints against a decent boxer, the chances are your opponent will pick off and defend pretty much every shot you throw, […]

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How To Punch Harder Part III The Snatch Balance

If you haven’t already, I suggest you read parts I and II which go over some basic detail you need to know first when looking to punch harder. These can be found here How To Punch Harder Part I How To Punch Harder Part II The Secret Of Speed Training   OK in this video […]

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Can You Lose Weight In 30 mins Per Day?

Yes! 30mins of exercise is plenty, of course there are several factors, how intense is your work out? Are you making healthy food choices? I’m not saying your diet has to be squeaky clean but if you are grabbing the pringles after a work out you are limiting the amount of weight you can lose. […]

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