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How To See Punches Coming

HOW TO SEE PUNCHES COMING In the movie Spiderman, there is a scene where Toby McGuire who is playing Peter Parker, hasn’t yet discovered his superpower abilities and gets involved in a fight by the lockers at school. As his superpower abilities suddenly kick in, he realizes everything has slowed down and he can see […]

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4 week Sample Strength Speed Cycle

This is a very basic four week cycle used for strength and conditioning. Block 1 Strength(weeks 1 and 2) Block 2 Strength & Strength Speed(weeks 3 and 4) 4 workouts a week. 2 Lower Body Days & 2 Upper Body Days. Total 3-4 movements per day when using strength exercises on weeks 1-2 Total 4-5 […]

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Two Day Sample Workout – Power

Here’s a quick sample work out for developing power and explosiveness. The work out is suited for athletes, so those participating in a sport. This particular work out would be better suited for someone who partakes in a combat sport ie Boxing, Muay Thai or MMA but for those of you who play sports such […]

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Muhammad Ali v Mike Tyson – Who Wins?

Boxing is a sport which has created superstars, if there is any sport which can claim to have created ‘Superman’ or ‘Supermen’, it is Boxing, and more specifically, the heavyweights. In 1978 DC Comics released a comic in which Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali took on Superman, unsurprisingly titled as Muhammad Ali vs Superman, original I […]

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