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Boxing Fundamentals – The Importance Of Footwork

BOXING FUNDAMENTALS – THE IMPORTANCE OF FOOTWORK   Every task, every skill has a foundation. When it comes to Boxing, and many sports not just combat sports, it is footwork which provides the foundation to a great athlete. When building a house, the foundations must be strong to support the house. A tree will dig […]

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Boxing History – The Shoulder Roll

Ah the shoulder roll, made popular by undefeated champion and the biggest money maker Boxing has ever seen, Floyd Mayweather Jnr. Every once in a while, the sporting world finds a figure so great that they capture the public’s imagination and give birth to numerous copy cats, everyone wants to be like them. In the […]

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Battle Ropes

This is a great piece of equipment I have recently purchased and my clients who have used this have all said they have found the ropes beneficial. The ropes will help with your cardio, shoulder endurance and core strength, all essential for Boxing training so this makes a great addition to your workout. They are […]

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How To Counter The Jab

HOW TO COUNTER THE JAB The jab is the most commonly used punch in Boxing, often referred to the can opener, it allows you to set up any number of combinations as well as being an essential tool to finding your range and keeping your opponent at bay. Taller boxers will often use their jab […]

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Boxing How To – The Left Hook

  Boxing How To -The Left Hook The Left Hook(or Right hook if you happen to be a southpaw) is arguably the most difficult of Boxing’s punches to master. Primarily because it is a power shot thrown with your ‘weaker’ hand, so it can take time for the power and form to catch up with […]

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