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The One Exercise You MUST Do As A Boxer…..

Strength and Conditioning For Boxing   The One Exercise A Boxer HAS to do…. The majority of us who like to Box are Boxing as a hobby, we have jobs to attend and other things to do, as well as balancing a family and social life. This doesn’t leave much time to concentrate on many […]

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The Importance Of Head Movement

Boxing Fundamentals – The Importance of Moving Your Head If I was to sum Boxing up in one sentence it would be an oft repeated quote ‘to hit and not get hit’, that is really the essence of Boxing. Every sport every task has its fundamentals, in Boxing if I was to choose some key […]

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How To Improve Your Will Power

How To Improve Your Will Power Having the correct mindset is essential in life, to be successful in any endeavor you must be focused and you must be in the correct frame of mind. If you are not clear in your mind in what you want to achieve, there is a high chance you will […]

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Strength and Conditioning for Boxing – The Landmine Lunge and Press

Strength and Conditioning for Boxing – The Landmine Lunge and Press   This is a great movement for conditioning especially and is a great choice if you happen to participate in any combat sports due to the hip drive involved and also the explosiveness of the movement. It is also a perfect choice for sports […]

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Watford’s Anthony Joshua Reigns Supreme On The Heavyweight Throne

The Road to the Heavyweight Championship Must Now Pass Through Watford The Heavyweight Division has always been the glamour division of the sport, the global superstars produced by Boxing, those that have captured the publics imagination have been the great Heavyweights such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and Mike Tyson. Sure, the marquee division of […]

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