Errol Spence Jr vs Mikey Garcia Prediction

mikey garcia vs errol spence jr

Errol Spence Jr vs Mikey Garcia Preview   Mikey Garcia attempts to do what many have dared but failed to do tonight when he faces Errol Spence Jr in a welterweight clash in Texas. Not only has no one beaten the currently undefeated welterweight champion, but few men in history have managed the weight jump […]

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How to treat Golfers Elbow

How to Treat Golfers Elbow

Golfers Elbow Exercises As a boxing coach, everyday I have someone on the pads with me, that means there is a lot of pressure being absorbed on the elbows. As someone who hurt his elbow weight training many years ago, holding the pads has gradually bought out the pain again so how to treat golfers […]

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How Can I Punch Faster?

how can i punch faster

Increase Your Punching Speed They say in boxing that speed kills…so it is not without reason that one of the most common questions in boxing is how can I punch faster? Speed is something that is more natural than earned, it is rather like punching harder. Yes you can increase your power and you can […]

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Chris Eubank Jr Bullies James DeGale

chris eubank jr james degale

DeGale is a Shell of his self…   Well that didn’t go according to plan – if you happened to be in the James DeGale camp anyway. I’ll be honest, going into the fight, my prediction was that James DeGale would have too much skill and too much pedigree for Eubank Jr. The one concern […]

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Watford Boxing Ring – Fayz Fitness Fighting Fit

watford boxing ring

Boxing Ring Watford   Happy to announce Fayz Fitness has got a new boxing ring! This is great news for the club and will make the training so much more fun(and competitive). In addition to the new boxing ring, three bags have been installed on a corner of the ring, the fourth corner will be […]

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What Boxing Style Should I Use?

What Boxing Style Should I Use

What Boxing Style Am I? Now this is a very important question and there has to be a distinction made here. Whenever you discuss boxing with someone, the question inevitably follows – who is your favourite boxer? But should you fight like your favourite boxer and how does one determine what boxing style should I […]

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On This Day Muhammad Ali Punishes Ernie Terrell

Muhammad Ali Ernie Terrell

Ali Enters Beast Mode   In 1967 Muhammad Ali was at the peak of his powers and entering the prime of his career. At 25yrs old Ali was improving fight by fight and just a few months earlier, had put in what was arguably his finest ever performance when he dismantled Cleveland Williams in three […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson – The Art of the Hook

sugar ray robinson the art of the hook

Sugar Ray Robinson – Death by 1000 Hooks Sugar Ray Robinson is seen by the majority as the greatest boxer who ever lived, amongst his many fans who place him at the top of the boxing tree were 2 legends of the sport, Joe Louis – one of the all time greats at heavyweight and […]

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Tricks of Muhammad Ali – Doubling The Right Hand Lead

lead right hand

How Muhammad Ali used the Right hand lead Muhammad Ali was without doubt bigger than boxing itself, a supremely gifted fighter there were many things he did, mostly this was down to his blinding speed which was extreme for a man of his size fighting in the heavyweight division. Remember Ali wasn’t just a heavyweight, […]

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Fayz Fitness Discount with a Watford Chiropractor

watford chiropractor

Watford Chiropractor Teams up with Fayz Fitness   Boxing is a rigorous sport, as such as our bodies undergo a lot of pressure in training to perform at our best. As with any sport and any kind of physical activity the body will inevitably be put under strain and there is a risk of injury […]

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