How To Punch Harder

how to punch harder

Increasing your punching power This is a question I get asked a lot when coaching Boxing, along with increasing your punching speed. There is never a simple answer to the question, it is often said that punchers are born and not made, and I do believe that you will come across people, who no matter […]

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How To Box Against A Southpaw

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell Prediction

How To Fight A Southpaw Here is a quick run down of some key points to remember on how to box against a southpaw. Fighting a southpaw is never easy if you are an orthodox boxer,simply because we just do not come across them often enough, whereas for a southpaw he is most often fighting against […]

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Don’t Be Predictable!

Don’t be Predictable! To the untrained eye, Boxing to many is just a mindless slug fest, two men(or women) step inside a ring in front of hundreds or thousands of fans and commence to pummel each other until one is defeated, there’s no thinking involved, just a battle of brute strength to see who hits the hardest and […]

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Boxing vs Cricket

Boxing vs Cricket As someone who has been involved in both sports, I cannot help but look at the similarities between the two sports, now ok, I hear you all murmuring to yourselves, what the hell is this guy talking about? Cricketers stand around half of the day in the outfield looking forward to lunchtimes […]

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How To Wrap Your Hands

There are a number of ways you can wrap your hands, I would recommend you use wraps which are at least 4.5m in length. Here Spencer Oliver demonstrates just one of the many ways he uses to wrap the hands.      

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