Boxing Footwork – How To Use The Pivot

Boxing Footwork – How To Use The Pivot


In this video we go over how to use the pivot when boxing. The pivot is primarily used when your opponent is on the ropes and you want to create an angle for your attack.

The pivot is a great skill to learn and I believe it is an essential tool for any Boxer. You cannot move back and forwards in straight lines and by learning to pivot you accomplish this by going off the center line. It is also great when facing a boxer who likes to pressure you, use the pivot to force your opponent to constantly reset themselves.

It is also an excellent tool to create openings and angles to attack your opponent. By using the pivot when attacking it can often confuse your opponent and give them more to think about on how to defend your attacks which gives you the advantage because if your opponent is thinking about how to stop your various attacks and use of angles, then you are in command.


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