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Here is a sample basic workout for Boxing fitness based upon the Team Hatton training model. The workout will consist of 5×3 minute rounds with a minute’s rest in between which means you should be able to perform the workout within 20mins. The workouts are best performed in pairs, one holding the pads and the other throwing the punches, you can then swap over each round so you both get a try at the exercises.

Round One will be pyramids

Pyramid 2 punches up to 20. And then back down to 2 again. Use a one two(jab, cross) so the sequence will be 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 20 and then working all the way down back to 2.

Round Two is combination punching

In the 1st minute you will be performing the jab and the cross. At the start of the 2nd minute you will add in 10 uppercuts, so jab, cross, jab, cross and then 10 uppercuts. At the start of the 3rd minute we will then add on 10 straight punches on top of our existing combinations so jab, cross, jab, cross, 10 uppercuts, 10 straight punches(jab, cross again)

Round Three is for Legs

Throw 10 straight punches(jab,cross) and then perform 4 alternate lunges with each leg – both boxer and pad holder should perform the alternate leg lunges together. Continue this for 3 minutes

Round Four is Abs

10 seconds straight punches(jab, cross) 20 seconds planche

10 seconds uppercuts 20 seconds Ab crunches

10 seconds high punching(jab and cross above shoulder level) 20 seconds alternate Toe Touches

Continue this for 3 minutes

Alternate Toe Touches

Round Five Cardio

10 seconds punching(any combo such as hooks, uppercuts, straights) followed by 10 second sprints. Continue in these intervals for 3minutes

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