Boxing Training With Weights


boxing training with weights

Boxing Training With Weights

Here’s a nice little workout I recently put together and tried at the gym. The focus here is more on explosiveness but it is pretty simple to switch the workout to a more speed or power orientated result if you so desire, using the same or similar movements. I’ll write some more articles on how it can be used for these purposes another time.
I am going to focus on the main muscle groups here so that means biceps and triceps won’t be included, chest, back, shoulders and legs will be. I have also omitted ab work in this workout, simply because it is a pretty taxing workout but by all means you can throw in some ab exercises to finish off if you wish. Let’s have a look at this weights workout for your boxing training.


Pull ups – The wide grip variety, I performed 5 sets of 5. Pull ups utilize the back muscles and are an all round great strength builder. The muscles work translate well to a number of punches, such as the uppercut so having a strong back is important for a strong back.

Deadlifts – 3×3. I’ve written an article on why the deadlift is so important to boxing training. Deadlifts not only make you stronger in essential areas such as the back, traps and core muscles, they also help you to absorb punches better. For explosiveness I used the speed deadlift, that means lowering the weight slowly and exploding up when lifting the weight.


I’m going to use contrast training for the chest. Contrast training combines a weight training movement with a plyometric movement. The aim to hit the fast twitch muscle fibres with the heavy set of bench and immediately follow that up with an explosive movement such as the plyo push up.
Perform 5×5 on each and work them in together so one set = 5 reps on bench press + 5 reps plyo push ups.


Using the cable crossover machine here. You can use one side to replicate throwing punches, take one side of the machine and set the weight. I used a slightly higher weight because I was training for explosiveness so lower reps but higher weight.
You can use the machine to throw jabs, exploding into your punch, and crosses, again explode with the punch. 3 sets of 5 reps.
Once you are done with jabs and crosses, you can use the machine for hooks. Use both hands to rotate the hips and throw the hook. Again I used 3 sets of 5 for each hook, both left and right hooks.

boxing training with weights demonstrates an exercise you can use to replicate the hook


Snatch Balance – This is really an exercise for more than the legs, it trains the shoulders too. The snatch balance is great for training explosiveness. It is probably easier to see a video I have made in the past on the snatch balance but you are essentially taking the weight and standing as if you are about to perform the overhead press, you will then dip and drive so you are jumping out into the overhead squat.
I kept the reps low for this one, working in 5 sets of 3 reps.

Give this a workout a try the next time you are in the gym using the weights for your boxing training. For more advanced and in-depth boxing workouts, get yourself a copy of my book Strength and Conditioning for Boxing. Click HERE for your copy (also available on Amazon)


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