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Roy Jones Jr – How to Beat the Philly Shell or Shoulder Roll

how to beat the philly shell

How to Beat the Philly Shell or Shoulder Roll James Toney is one of my favourite boxers, when it comes to fighters I would recommend any young fighter to study, Toney is arguably the one I would most recommend. Toney was a great boxer, using the shoulder roll few if any were better at fighting […]

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George Benton – How to Counter the Jab

George Benton

48 Ways to Counter the Jab George Benton once famously quipped he had 48 ways to counter the jab. Now George Benton was a masterful boxer and studied the sport both when he was boxing and when he was a coach – at which he would become a hall of fame boxing trainer. Benton’s biggest […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather Jr

sugar ray robinson vs floyd mayweather jr

SUGAR RAY ROBINSON VS FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR – WHO WINS? It’s the greatest boxer of the 20th century vs the greatest boxer of the 21st century, the greatest offensive fighter of all time against the greatest defensive fighter of all time, the best ever at welterweight in yesterday’s generation against the best ever welterweight in […]

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Old School Boxing Techniques – The Slide

old school boxing techniques

If you follow my main Instagram account @fayz_boxing you have probably heard me say there is nothing new in boxing. Take a look back through older boxing videos and you will come across skills that were used many decades ago that are almost spoken about today as being something new. Lomachenko has superb footwork but […]

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Floyd Mayweather Jr – Work Around

Floyd Mayweather Jr Ring IQ

When it comes to Ring IQ few if any were better than Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather was able to make adjustments during the fight better than any other fighter I have seen. Boxing history is rich when it comes to fighters with high ring IQ – something I have previously written about and you can […]

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Ezzard Charles – Forgotten Legend of the Ring

ezzard charles

A few years ago when I decided to write another of my books, titled Forgotten Legends of the Ring – it was a time of discovery for me since I was really for the first time delving into the rich history of boxing. As I was concluding the book and writing about the last fighter […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson Film Study


Sugar Ray Robinson was in my opinion – and in the opinion of many others, to be the greatest boxer in history. Of course this is something which is up for debate, we all have our opinions but something I do find it hard to believe is though, if Robinson wasn’t the greatest boxer of […]

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Mike Tyson – Closing the Gap

Mike Tyson Closing the Gap

Mike Tyson is a name I am sure we all recognise, the heavyweight exploded on to the scene in the mid 1980’s and would go on to become one of the giants of the sport of boxing. Tyson was a lot of things, exciting, intimidating, fast, quick and powerful it is little wonder he rivals […]

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Joe Frazier – Closing the Gap

Joe Frazier closing the gap

Joe Frazier was one of the heavyweight greats, fighting in arguably the toughest decade of heavyweight history, he became world champion – beating legends such as Muhammad Ali as they became involved in what was boxings most famous trilogy. Now Frazier was considered a small heavyweight in that he was only 5’11 which is short […]

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Tyson Fury and the Kronk Gym Influence – 3 Manny Steward Techniques

tyson fury kronk

What a great weekend of boxing we witnessed when Tyson Fury put on an absolute masterclass to outbox Deontay Wilder and become the WBC and Ring Heavyweight champion. Now I am not going to post a review of the fight, mainly as it was such a one sided bout but what I will discuss is […]

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