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Are Boxing Shoes Worth it?

Are Boxing shoes worth it

How are Boxing Shoes different? So I had just had this discussion during one of my classes this morning so I thought it would be a good idea to get a blog post up about this very topic! So – are boxing shoes worth it? When one starts boxing, the first things they naturally think […]

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Rival RS2V-Pro Red Sparring Boxing Gloves Review


Rival RS2V-Pro Red Sparring Boxing Gloves Review These are a pair of gloves used by a client of mine so I have first hand experience of what these Rival Boxing gloves are like. The pair used by my client are 16oz and are great quality. I like the Velcro strap along the wrist which ensures […]

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What Boxing Bag Should I Get?

what boxing bag should I get

What Boxing Bag Should I Get? Very often when someone makes a decision to start boxing, the first choice they make is which gloves should I buy? The next step in their boxing training tends to be, shall I buy a punch bag for my garage/shed or garden? The decision usually comes down to how […]

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What Boxing Shoes Should I Get?

What Boxing Shoes Should I Get

What Boxing Shoes Should I Get? If you are looking at seriously taking up boxing, then boxing shoes are pretty much as important as the boxing gloves you wear and which boxing shoes should I buy becomes a question you start to think about. Boxing shoes are often an overlooked aspect of boxing equipment, probably […]

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Sting Leather Boxing Gloves Review

sting boxing gloves review

Sting Leather Boxing Gloves   The Sting Boxing gloves are a relatively new name in boxing. I certainly had not heard of them when one of my guys came to our session with a fancy looking pair of gloves with Sting emblazoned across them which looked like something out of a Spiderman movie(warning – these […]

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Cleto Reyes Facesaver HeadGuard Review

Cleto Reyes Facesaver Headguard Review   I recently purchased a new head guard, in the past I hadn’t really spent a lot of money on my headguards but since this is a full time job for me, it makes sense to purchase a high quality headguard and invest in my equipment. There were only two […]

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The Different Types of Jab

The Different Types of Jab The most important punch is a boxers arsenal, and the most commonly thrown punch, is none other than the jab. It is often called the can opener and for good reason. The jab can set up any punch and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be […]

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Choosing A Headguard

Which Headguard Should I Choose? If you are going to start boxing at a club with a view to fighting in the future and having to spar, then choosing a headguard is a very important decision you will have to make. There are two main styles of head gear, the first is the open face […]

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Fayz Fitness Releases its next book! Strength and Conditioning for Boxing

  Fayz Fitness releases its next book now available for download on Amazon. Find out how to hit harder, become more explosive, faster and take your performance inside the ring to the next level!   Don’t forget, if you want to read the 1st book released by Fayz Fitness, The Boxing Cheat Sheet then click […]

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Fayz Fitness Releases it’s first book! The Boxing Cheat Sheet

Fayz Fitness has released its first book titled ‘The Boxing Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Guide to Ring Survival’ available for download now on Amazon!     The Boxing Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Guide To Ring Survival. No fluff – just what works! Use the tips in this book to help you polish […]

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