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Lennox Lewis Peek-A-Boo

lennox lewis

This weekend two of Boxing’s biggest legends come out of retirement to do battle once more, the baddest man on the planet Mike Tyson and Captain Hook Roy Jones Jr. With that in mind I looked at some of their fights to see how their opponents had success against them – I have previously done […]

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George Benton vs The Left Hook

George Benton

How Does The Philly Shell Handle The Left Hook? George Benton was one of the fighters I featured in my book Forgotten Legends of the Ring, not only was Benton one of the top middleweights in the 1960’s, he would later become one of the best trainers of all time as he trained a number […]

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Jersey Joe Walcott – The Slip and Counter

jersey joe walcott

Jersey Joe Walcott was a former Heavyweight champion who at the time of becoming champion made history as the oldest boxer to become the Heavyweight champion, that record of course was broken decades later by Big George Foreman. Walcott fought from 1930 to 1953 and faced many of the best names in his era, including […]

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Tony Canzoneri – The Trap

Tony Canzoneri

Last week was the birth anniversary of a boxer named Tony Canzoneri. Canzoneri was one of Boxing’s first three weight world champions, winning titles in the Featherweight, Lightweight and Light Welterweight divisions. Born in 1908, Canzoneri was already considered the best boxer in the world by the age of 23. Tony Canzoneri was known for […]

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Gerald McClellan – Control

gerald mcclellan

Gerald McClellan was known for being cold – not just inside the ring but outside of it too…his most obvious trait was his knockout power. The G-Man was a brutal puncher and finisher and because of this some of his subtle skills often go overlooked. One of the skills he was extremely adept at was […]

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Lennox Lewis – The Knockdown

lennox lewis

Lennox Lewis is one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, I would rank him in the top five and the fight which for me thrust him into the limelight as a serious fighter was the heavyweight title eliminator against Donovan ‘Razor’ Ruddock. Now at this time, Ruddock was a highly regarded Heavyweight who had […]

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Sugar Ray Leonard – The Head Feint

sugar ray leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard was a special fighter, if I was to compile a top ten list of the greatest boxers of all time, Leonard would be the only fighter in the list with less than 50 fights(Leonard had 40), the reason being I cannot think of anyone who beat a better quartet fighters at their […]

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Bob Foster and the Up Jab

bob foster up jab

Bob Foster was one of the fighters I featured in my book Forgotten Legends of the Ring. Foster was mostly known for being a ferocious puncher and is considered one of the best ever to have campaigned at Light Heavyweight. Something else Foster doesn’t get enough credit for is his jab. Foster of course also […]

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Bernard Hopkins – Taking Away the Right

bernard hopkins taking away the right

Bernard Hopkins was one of the smartest fighters of all time, how else can you explain a man in his late 40’s winning the world title and still being competitive in his 50’s. Hopkins was a real old school fighter, a late starter to boxing he hailed from one of the greatest boxing cities of […]

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James Toney – 5 Set ups for the Right Hand

james toney

The one they called Lights Out was a masterful boxer. James Toney is one of those old school throwback type of fighters who was a joy to watch because he had such mastery over the sweet science of boxing. Toney was shown the ways of the old school by his coach Bill Miller – Miller […]

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