Cleto Reyes Blue Boxing Gloves


Cleto Reyes Blue Boxing Gloves

They say you get what you pay for, and having tried these gloves I can safely say you are getting Boxing Gloves of the highest possible quality. These are the gloves used by my coach and former champion Spencer Oliver and the quality is immediately felt when you put these gloves on.

What striked me most about the gloves was the cushioning it provides. You hands will feel safe and secure as do your wrists. You almost feel like you could punch a hole through a wall and not feel a thing, that’s how impenetrable you end up feeling with these gloves on.(The gloves I tried were of the 16oz variety)

The material is excellent, the wrist support is second to none. The laces easily and safely secure around the wrist area. If you are someone who has experienced hand or wrist trouble in the past, whether the injury was from Boxing or not, then these gloves would make a suitable choice. Of course ensuring you have 4.5m wrist wraps is also essential.

The only minor concern for me was the thumb area. For me it felt a little stiff but the way the glove is made it is like that for a reason, most people wont notice anything, I suspect I am of the minority who would prefer the thumb area to be a little softer.

All in all a great pair of gloves. The usual pair of gloves I use didn’t feel quite so good after trying the Cleto Reyes gloves, and I really like my Emrah Gloves but you just cannot go wrong with Cleto Reyes. They really do make you feel more confident when you are Boxing!

cleto reyes blue boxing gloves
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Manufactured with the best quality control in leather and all materials

  • Attached thumb prevents eye injury and also prevents thumb from being broken or sprained
  • Water-repellent nylon lining prevents moisture from entering padding
  • Anatomically designed, extra long lace design provides wrist protection and connects the glove to the hand
  • Long lasting latex foam padding



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cleto reyes blue boxing gloves

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