Cleto Reyes Facesaver HeadGuard Review


Cleto Reyes Facesaver Headguard Review


I recently purchased a new head guard, in the past I hadn’t really spent a lot of money on my headguards but since this is a full time job for me, it makes sense to purchase a high quality headguard and invest in my equipment. There were only two choices for me, Cleto Reyes or Winnings, I did have a look at the Everlast facesaver but ultimately I decided Cleto Reyes was the big name and their reputation for top quality boxing products swayed me. I didn’t see how Winnings could justify an extra £150+ on their headguard over Reyes, although I am sure it is a fantastic product.

The first thing which struck me about the Cleto Reyes headguard was its weight, it is very light for a headguard which features the bar across the face, any previous facesaver headguard I had tried but rather large and also pretty heavy, which made slipping punches and rolling under punches quite difficult. The bar would also protrude out further so again, you would get tagged with shots you wouldn’t normally get caught with. Fortunately you don’t have that problem with the Cleto Reyes headguard, the bar does not protrude out much, the headguard is smaller and much lighter than others, this means you can easily slip and roll under punches.

The vision is not too bad, because it is smaller than other facesaver headguards, the vision is better, every facesaver headguard will have an element of difficulty when picking up punches, especially the uppercut as the bar can obscure your vision, but still it is better than expected when it comes to how much you can see and your peripheral vision. Because it is lighter and smaller than other facesavers it may not offer as much protection but it is good enough and of course, because you have better vision you won’t get caught with as many shots, you needed the extra padding in those larger facesavers such as the RDX and Farabi headguards because the poor vision and larger bar meant you were getting hit more as it is such a huge target.

Now it is much more expensive but in my opinion the cost is more than worth it, especially if you happen to teach it like myself, or if you are sparring regularly. If you are an amateur or a pro then I really recommend having both a facesaver and open face headguard and when it comes to facesaver headguards, I find it very hard to believe there is any out there better than this Cleto Reyes headguard. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, I got mine in white but they come in multiple colours, here is a link to the headguard in Amazon!


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