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Danny Lopez – The Knockout

danny lopez

Danny ‘Little Red’ Lopez was a Featherweight champion who was known for his punching power. An all out exciting fighter he was a favourite of the TV networks too and in this video I take a look at how at opponents strength can be turned into their downfall.

Lopez and Arturo Gatti were quite similar – both were loved by fans because they never failed to produce an entertaining fight and despite both being attacking fights who loved to scrap, they could also both be quite easily tagged. In the opening round here Lopez is getting caught by right hands, especially the lead right and this results in Lopez being dropped. Naturally, Malvarez who was the opponent – is going to continue using the lead right as he has just knocked Lopez down with the punch and has being scoring successfully with it.

In round two Danny Lopez looks to do something about the lead right or straight right and we see Lopez using the lead hand shield/cover to block the right hand and he tries to counter back with his own right hand. Lopez will set up his opponent to throw the right hand and look to draw him into a trap and he does this by using his jab. He will not use a stiff jab but rather a touching jab or a short jab because he knows Malvarez is going to try countering this with the lead right.

When Malvarez tries to counter he has fallen in the trap as Lopez has set up to throw his own counter right hand by dipping to his left, taking his head off centre line. This means his right hand will land but Malvarez will miss his right hand due to Lopez being off the centre line – the punch lands and stuns Malvarez. Now Malvarez sets himself up for another right hand, in this case the uppercut but by dipping and bending the knees he has given his intent away to Danny Lopez who yet again moves his head off the centre line and delivers another crushing right hand blow which ends the fight.

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