Strength and Conditioning for Boxing

Faster, Stronger, Fitter!

Have you ever wanted to punch harder and really develop that one punch KO power?

Don’t you wish you could be quicker and beat your opponent to the punch?

Want to avoid getting tired and running out of steam in the gym or the ring?

Find out inside exercises which will increase your punching power and show you how to hit harder!

Strength and Conditioning for Boxing. An introductory guide to everything you need to know to help you take your performance to the next level inside the ring.

Use the templates inside this book to design your workout so you will never again worry about which exercise you can do to improve or use the example workouts from the book.

Find out inside exercises which will increase your punching power and show you how to hit harder! Learn the one exercise a Boxer has to do over all others and learn the secrets of explosive punching.

If you want to get faster, stronger and more explosive for your weight class then this book is for you.

Find out all this and more in Strength and Conditioning for Boxing from Fayz Fitness.

Learn the secret techniques to get you punching faster and more explosively.

Increase your punching power with proven techniques and exercises.

Find out the tried and tested template you can use to design your program and never have to worry again about what you need to do to 1improve your game – This alone will change the way you approach training!

Not just great for boxing, but great for any combat sport and can also be used for sports such as Rugby and American Football, even Obstacle courses such as Spartan!

Fayz Fitness Meal Plans

Fayz Fitness Meal Plans - Find out the secrets Pro Boxers use to make weight!

'Let's do it now! Take the guess work out of dieting and find out the secret meal plans used by my fighters including pro boxers to drop weight fast and get shredded to make weight for their fights! These
meal plans are tried and tested by my fighters and will help you lose weight whether that is 7lbs in 7 days or even 25lbs and more for longer periods of dieting!

Choose any one of the five simple and easy to follow meal plans to get into fighting fit shape - these meal plans are worth hundreds of pounds and were designed with you, the boxer in mind. Combine these
meal plans with my Strength and Conditioning for Boxing workouts to turbo charge your success and your progress!'

I am Achieving the Results I Wanted

"Over the course of three months I've basically been put through hellish workouts to achieve the goals I stated at the start. Today I finished the first race of my Spartan trifecta, cutting an hour off last year's time, completing far more obstacles, and not struggling to walk afterwards but happily running around to threaten my other half with sweaty hugs.

I don't believe for a second I'd have got this far without Fayz's encouragement, arduous workouts, and help - and I'm looking forward (after a fashion) both to continuing training and hitting my trifecta for the year."


Fantastic Read

"Bought this for my husband, fantastic read, highly recommend for all those interested in boxing."



"Bought for my brother. It's outstanding. Very pleased with the purchase."


Hooked From My First Session

"I am probably the fittest I have been for the last 20 years. I track all my sessions and I regularly burn over 1000 calories in one session. My Doctor has said I have put years on my life, just by changing my lifestyle."


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The Boxing Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Guide to Ring Survival

No fluff - just what works! Use the tips in this book to help you polish your ring craft. Learn the one mindset shift which will instantly make you a better Boxer! Yes, this one tip is guaranteed to improve your Boxing as soon as you start to implement it.

Find out how to fight specific opponents so you enter the ring prepared. How to fight southpaws, taller fighters, pressure fighters and even those faster than you. Use the tips and tricks within this book to give you more knowledge on how to handle your opponent and give you more confidence coming into the ring.

These tips have come from professional fighters and professional coaches so no matter what your level and where you currently are with your Boxing, you will be certain to find within this book advice to take your game to the next level, whether that is in the ring on fight night or just a sparring session at your club.

Included are bonus chapters - how to see punches coming and an exercise routine to help you get fighting fit and prepared for the ring. If you want to get ready for your big night or just want to lose some weight and get into shape, this bonus chapter will give your fitness the cutting edge.

This is a must read for anyone interested in Boxing and the sweet science!

Very Good Boxing Book. Easily Understandable and Practical Advice

"A good boxing book. Nicely explained. Author gets his message across without too much jargon. I enjoyed the read and found it very beneficial . Has indeed expanded my boxing knowledge and interest into the world of Boxing. Many thanks!"


Boxers Need to Read

"Wasn't expecting this much tips for boxing in one book. Definitely if you want to improve your boxing skills, it's a book to read."


Forgotten Legends of the Ring

A must read for any Boxing fan.

It has been said Boxing is the sport all other sports aspire too. If you can rule the Boxing world, you will rule the sporting world. Like a gladiator standing in the centre of the Roman Colosseum, having vanquished his foe and the crowd chanting his name as he basks in the light of his glorious victory he becomes a Legend, and Legends do not die.

But what of those champion fighters in the past who were denied their rightful shot at the title? Or those who only had one title to contend for, truly only the best of the best could rise to the top and battle it out for the honour of becoming the sole champion of the division.

What of the Champion, Archie Moore who holds the record for the most knock outs in the sport, or the youngest Champion in Boxing history, Wilfred Benitez who was just 17 at the time. What about Charley Burley, the man termed too good for his own good, avoided by the ‘greatest fighter’ in history, or George Benton, the man who symbolised the ‘Philly shell’ defence and went onto train multiple world champions. In this book you will delve deep into the rich history of Boxing as we unearth ‘The Forgotten Legends of the Ring’ and show appreciation to ten past masters of the sport. Legends do not die, and this book gives life to the Legends of the past.

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