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Boxing is a rigorous sport, as such as our bodies undergo a lot of pressure in training to perform at our best. As with any sport and any kind of physical activity the body will inevitably be put under strain and there is a risk of injury or things getting sore. There are many things we can do to help rest and heal our bodies so we are ready to go for the next phase of training.

One of the things which is of benefit to boxers and fighters alike is using a recommended chiropractor. A chiropractor is so useful for a number of reasons. Boxing is a sport which involves a lot of the core so protecting the back is very important, because much of our strength will come from the core down so the lower back needs to at full strength. But it is not just for the back, visiting a chiropractor can also help with joint pains in the shoulder, hip, knee and the neck so you can see how important it is for a boxer, especially if you are currently suffering from any niggles, aches and pains in these areas. Shoulder problems will impact our punching output and power, neck issues mean we are more at risk from getting hit with punches, hip problems will decrease our punching power and knee issues will severely limit our movement.

As a boxing coach in Watford I am always looking for ways to help the guys I train, I am not an expert on physio or chiropractic methods, I am a boxing coach so when any of the guys I train have niggles it is always helpful to be able to advise them of someone I trust to help them with their injury. That’s why I paid the Summit Chiropractic clinic in Watford a visit to meet up with the owner James so I could get on board and know that I have someone on hand should any of my guys need a good and reliable chiropractor. If you are in and around the Watford area then Summit is a great choice for any of your joint pains. Here is more from James himself describing what he does.

“Our well established chiropractic clinic based in St Albans road, Watford is focused on not just resolving aches and pains but ensuring you are firing on all cylinders and getting the most out of life. We do this through ensuring the nervous system is functioning at it’s peak through optimal spinal movement and posture.
Having previously worked with elite athletes including GB judo representatives, premier league footballers, junior GB gymnasts and professional rugby players we are confident we can assist you in reaching your sporting, as well as your health goals. As a bonus for all of Fayz fitness customers we are offering the opportunity to come in for a consultation to see how you can reach your peak for just Β£25 just use the code: FAYZ25 to receive this offer.”

watford chiropractor
With James at Summit Chiropractic Clinic

There are so many benefits to using a chiropractor such as…

Improves sports performance. Relieving pressure on the joints can help with muscle strains and even concussions – very important for those of us in a combat sport like Boxing.

Pain relief – without medication! Thus reducing dependence on medicine.

Treating the source of the pain. Medication may mask the pain but it won’t solve the problem. Chiropractic use will help treat the problem at its source.

Because there is no medication use, it is a great compliment to other forms of treatment you may be undergoing.

Helping joint dysfunction. If you have problems with other joints then having the spinal and nervous system re-aligned and re-adjusted can help with these other joints, not just the back and neck.

Alleviates pain from other ailments such as migraines/headaches, ear infections and even asthma.

Stimulates the immune system. A healthy immune system is your defence against illness and having your body firing on all cylinders.


So if you need a Watford Chiropractor – now you know where to look!

Summit Chiropractic Clinic

115 St. Albans Road
WD17 1RD

01923 236162


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