Fayz Fitness Releases it’s first book! The Boxing Cheat Sheet

Fayz Fitness has released its first book titled ‘The Boxing Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Guide to Ring Survival’ available for download now on Amazon!




The Boxing Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Guide To Ring Survival.
No fluff – just what works! Use the tips in this book to help you polish your ring craft. Learn the one mindset shift which will instantly make you a better Boxer! Yes, this one tip is guaranteed to improve your Boxing as soon as you start to implement it.
Find out how to fight specific opponents so you enter the ring prepared. How to fight southpaws, taller fighters, pressure fighters and even those faster than you. Use the tips and tricks within this book to give you more knowledge on how to handle your opponent and give you more confidence coming into the ring.
These tips have come from professional fighters and professional coaches so no matter what your level and where you currently are with your Boxing, you will be certain to find within this book advice to take your game to the next level, whether that is in the ring on fight night or just a sparring session at your club.
Included are bonus chapters – how to see punches coming and an exercise routine to help you get fighting fit and prepared for the ring. If you want to get ready for your big night or just want to lose some weight and get into shape, this bonus chapter will give your fitness the cutting edge.
This is a must read for anyone interested in Boxing and the sweet science!

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Boxing Coach Strength and Conditioning Coach Boxing Writer for the Ringside Report Boxing Author of: (Available for download on Amazon) The Boxing Cheat Sheet - Your Ultimate Guide to Ring Survival Strength and Conditioning for Boxing - Work out Hits to get you Fighting Fit! Forgotten Legends of the Ring - Ten Past Masters of the Squared Circle

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