Forgotten Legends of the Ring – The New Book From Fayz Fitness

Forgotten Legends of the Ring is the latest book released by Fayz Fitness and is now available for download on Amazon.

A must read for any Boxing fan.
It has been said Boxing is the sport all other sports aspire too. If you can rule the Boxing world, you will rule the sporting world. Like a gladiator standing in the centre of the Roman Colosseum, having vanquished his foe and the crowd chanting his name as he basks in the light of his glorious victory he becomes a Legend, and Legends do not die.
But what of those champion fighters in the past who were denied their rightful shot at the title? Or those who only had one title to contend for, truly only the best of the best could rise to the top and battle it out for the honour of becoming the sole champion of the division.

What of the Champion who holds the record for the most knock outs in the sport, or the youngest Champion in Boxing history. What about the man termed too good for his own good, avoided by the ‘greatest fighter’ in history, or the man who symbolised the ‘Philly shell’ defense and went onto train multiple world champions. In this book you will delve deep into the rich history of Boxing as we unearth ‘The Forgotten Legends of the Ring’ and show appreciation to ten past masters of the sport. Legends do not die, and this book gives life to the Legends of the past.

Boxers featured in the book:

Charley Burley

Henry Armstrong

George Benton

Archie Moore

Bob Foster

Salvador Sanchez

Wilfred Benitez

Mike McCallum

Riddick Bowe

Nicolino Locche



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