How to Fight A Southpaw – The Slip and Pivot


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Use This Move Against Southpaws!

As an orthodox fighter it is always tricky coming up against a southpaw(left hander) because most people are right handed so naturally the majority of people you will fight against will also be orthodox fighters, that always gives the southpaw an advantage as it takes time to adjust to the different angles involved and getting used to where each punch is now coming from.

I have previously written articles on how to fight southpaws so I will not go in-depth in this article on the various counters and movements you can use against a southpaw. In this article I am only going to show the one move, the slip and pivot.

The slip and pivot is a great move to use against southpaws because it enables you to slip to the outside of the southpaws cross, if you happen to fight out of the shoulder roll stance and this is especially useful because it will come more naturally to you as the slips and rolls are almost built in to the shoulder roll defence. By adding a pivot to the slip you are then able to turn the tables on your opponent and be in a position of strength whilst they will then have to make adjustments to your new position. It also means you not only avoided the southpaw’s back hand but by pivoting away you are also out of harms way if the southpaw followed up his back hand with a hook.

Check out the video below on a live demonstration during sparring on how you can use the pivot after slipping the southpaws back hand. There is also an article I have written on using the pivot if you want to have a look at this, you can read the article by clicking HERE. To see how the slip and pivot was used in a pro fight, Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao is a great example to watch.

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