How to Punch Harder – The Med Ball Chest Pass


How to Punch Harder - The Med Ball Chest Pass

The Med Ball Chest Pass For Explosive Punch Power

The med ball is a great addition to your boxing training. They can be used to train various muscles of the body, not the just the muscles used to punch and can also be used to closely replicate the motion of a punch. Med balls also come in various sizes and weights so you can progressively use a heavier ball to further adapt to the training once you have become proficient at a certain weight or exercise.

One of the exercises you can use with the med ball is the chest pass, what’s useful is that for this variation of the med ball chest pass, you do not need a partner. This movement trains the same muscles used when throwing a one, two – or a jab, cross. Throw the ball explosively, it should be hard enough that your momentum carries your weight causing you to fall forward.

There are a few ways you can incorporate this into your training. You can either use it as a standalone exercise, or you can use it immediately after an exercise such as the bench press as part of a contrast training method. With contrast training you would have a set of heavy bench press(5 reps and under) and follow it up immediately with a set of the med ball chest pass(again 5 reps).

David demonstrates how to perform the med ball chest pass in the video below…

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