How To Throw The Lead Left Hook

How To Throw The Lead Left Hook

The lead left hook is a great punch to have in your arsenal. In this video we go over the lead left hook and how to set it up.

You must set up the lead left hook by throwing a right hand feint, so get yourself in position for the right hand to divert your opponents attention to the right cross but you are not actually going to throw the right cross, you can throw it half way and by getting yourself in position for the right cross you are adding the hip rotation to whip round into the lead hook. From there you will throw the lead left hook, stepping directly(almost in a leaping fashion so we want a nice big step) in a straight line when throwing the hook and keeping your elbow parallel to your shoulder. You want to make it more of a wide left hook when using the lead left hook to ensure you are gaining maximum power in the punch. For southpaw boxers simply switch it round, so feinting the left cross and throwing the right hook.


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