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So you're getting tired, you're getting frustrated, you're running out of time, you're out of shape and you just don't feel the same any more. You want to take action and get back to being the person you know you can be. All those years lost neglecting your health and not exercising have taken their toll but now you can't take it any longer - something has to change!

The change is here, right now. Ever wondered why the most confident and successful men are the champions of the ring? What's stopping you becoming the champion of your life? The leanest and fittest men are the men of the squared circle so why can't you become the healthiest version you can be using the same techniques?
Learn the techniques to become a confident Boxer. Whether you want to lose weight and get fit, step in the ring and fight or build muscle to look great and impress your friends and family here is where you start.

I started training with Fayz after a year away from the gym. As a newly married guy I was finding it difficult to balance work and family commitments with training. I knew from experience how valuable a personal trainer can be to give you focus. What I found with Fayz was he is unlike most other personal trainers who give you a standard template to follow (which normally involved you paying for more sessions), he listens to your goals and tailors a training program to fit with what else you got going on in your life.

As a keen boxer, training with Fayz has improved my skill set and confidence to a level I am now keen to take part in more white collar events.

Whether it’s general fitness, weight training or boxing Fayz will help you achieve your goals.

Michael Kensal Green

Have had the benefit of training with Fayz for over 5 years. His knowledge is far reaching and appreciated by some of the most respected boxers and fellow coaches in the world. Fayz is effective in bringing out an individual’s ability/potential to succeed, whether for elite level competitive boxing, self-defence, or those looking to improve general fitness and/or strength.

The gym itself is well equipped for strength, conditioning, and boxing skill development.

The community spirit fostered by Fayz and all those who attend is what makes this club special. Everyone is approachable, encouraging, and friendly. Experienced boxers at the club help newer members build their skills, and everyone benefits from the wealth of knowledge shared at the gym.

Lavesh Barnet

Don't waste time in making a positive change to your life. Get fit and become healthier. Increase your confidence and self esteem through Boxing. Have the energy to spend quality time with your friends, family or children.

I am so confident that I can help you become more confident and improve the quality of your life I will give you a full 100% money back guarantee so if you are not happy changing your life with me after 14 days I will refund your money. How's that for a guarantee? So give me a call on 07887522475 or send me an email to book your free no obligation Boxing session and look forward to the rest of your life!

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