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Naseem Hamed – The Screw Shot

naseem hamed screw jab

During my life time three boxers really stand out when it comes to sheer excitement in the ring. When these guys stepped in to the ring you knew you were in for an entertaining night and rarely were they ever involved in a dull fight because they could take you out at any moment. Number one was Mike Tyson, the most exciting fighter I have ever seen and then after that at number two and three in any order it would Roy Jones Jr and Naseem Hamed.

Despite his small stature, Hamed was an explosive puncher who could knock you out with either hand and from any angle or even any distance. When I say distance it is because Hamed could springboard and leap into action from outside range and land a full force blow, knocking his opponent out.

Here we see the use of Naseem Hameds screw shot – Hamed would deliver this punch with his lead hand but would twist the hand to slide in between the high guard of the opponent, coming up the middle with tremendous power as he often accompanied the screw shot with a leap, adding the power from the legs and hips to drive home the shot. Now this is not an uppercut because the screw shot is delivered with a straight arm as Hamed would do it.

Hamed would also throw it in two slightly different variations, the first was the typical screw shot, turning the hand in so that the palm faces you and the second would be turned only half way(similar to Archie Moore’s in jab) to again slide in between the opponents guard. The screw jab is a very effective jab because it often comes from a lower trajectory making it more difficult for the opponent to pick up and as mentioned it will split the guard of an opponent. Watch the video below to see ‘The Prince’ in action using the screw jab.


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