No Time? No Gym? 3 Simple Routines to Burn Fat Fast!


No Time? No Gym? 3 Simple Routines to Burn Fat Fast!


Today’s lifestyle is fast paced, we’re all busy with work and then we go home and we’re busy with our families, and for many of us work doesn’t even end there. Whether we are still checking the work emails, on call from home or taking the kids to their clubs, Where does that leave us the time to look after ourselves?

In this article I am going to give you a few tips on how you can fit in a fast paced workout and in as little as 20 minutes and the best thing about it is you don’t even need anyone else to train with.
So what’s the deal? And what is this magic exercise that can get you into shape so quickly? The answer is sprinting….

Sprinting is the most dynamic form of exercise you can do. The benefits are endless but I will state the most relevant reasons for the purpose of this email. Sprinting will lead to faster fat loss, improved muscle tone(just compare the physique of a sprinter with that of a long distance runner) and will save you time because of the nature of the high intensity workout which means you will be completed just as quick as you can run! You can perform these runs on a field or a local park, I like to use a football pitch because you can use the width and length of a football pitch for your sprinting. For example 1 lap around a pitch is around 400m.

I’m going to get you started with 3 easy sprinting routines to shift that fat.

1. 800m x 3

Pretty simple right? This is actually a simple yet extremely effective sprint routine used by amateur boxers to prepare for their fights and was recommended to me by my coach, a former champion.
Warm up with some stretching and a jog before you start else you risk the chance of injury, the jog does not have to be long or strenuous, even a mile would be fine.
Then you run 800m as fast as you can. Rest for one minute and then repeat. We do these for 3 rounds and that’s it you are done!
1 min rest
1 min rest

2. This is a routine I like to do after a warm up jog.

400m x 3
200m x 3
100m x 3

Same as above, we will rest 1 minute after each sprint before commencing the next sprint.

3. Suicide Sprints

For this you will need some equipment to set the distances, if you don’t have anything you can just as easily use your water bottle and your jacket. To perform suicide sprints set out a marker(or your jacket) 20m apart. So you will have your starting line, then mark out 20m and then 40m and finally mark out 60m. With suicide sprints you will sprint to the 20m marker and sprint back to the start, then you sprint 40m and back to the start and finally sprint 60m and back to your starting line. That is one set, I would recommend you take a rest of a minute or two and start again. You want to doing these for 15-20mins and that is plenty.

These all sound simple but they are extremely taxing and intense. The great thing with sprinting and high intensity workouts is that your body continues to burn fuel at an elevated rate for up to 24hrs, which of course means faster fat loss for you.
So give these a try and kick start your fat loss for the year!

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