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Gennady Golovkin will be facing Kell Brook on September the 10th, my heart wants Kell to win but my brain knows Golovkin will win. I believe it will be a great fight and the contrasting styles will be shown between the two, making it difficult for both of the fighters.

Gennady Golovkin has a impressive undefeated record of 35 fights(32 kos) and 0 losses, he fights at middleweight but hits way harder than expected for his weight class, he is the WBC, WBA, IBF and IBO world champion and is avoided due to his warrior like style containing plenty of power and a granite chin, Golovkin is no joke and should never be taken as one or his opponent will learn of his unforgiving power.

Kell Brook is a heavy welterweight, in fact in their recent weigh in he was 11 pounds heavier than GGG weighing at 176 pounds. He is the IBF welterweight champion and also packs a punch, his most notable win is against Shawn Porter. Brook is a technician and always comes in with a great game plan which is why he is undefeated with an unblemished record of 36 wins with 25 knock outs.

Personally I’m team Brook and I hope he pulls off an upset but there are weight classes for a reason, now you are probably thinking that I just said Kell was a heavy welterweight but the point is hes been fighting welterweights, I want to say he is more skilled but we have to be very realistic, he will definitely get caught with punches from Golovkin and can he handle that? Or will Golovkin be able to land a devastating punch that will be able to finish Kell Brook? Because I personally believe and so do many others that Kell can out point Gennady but Gennady can stop Brook, Golovkin has never been stopped or dropped, Kell has never been stopped but has been dropped by Dawid Kowalski(Karl David). I just wish Kell fought someone in the middleweight division before so we know how he fights at a weight class 2 times bigger than at what he normally fights at.

I think in the fight Kell will be out boxing him for a couple of rounds but when Gennady catches up Brook will be staggered and in trouble although I do believe it will go the distance, I think if Kell were to be stopped he will still be out on his feet and the referee would step in, but since Kell is the underdog he knows already what to do and his game plan should be to box and stay on the outside, he will get caught with punches of course, Golovkin is great at cutting off the ring and will need to use this skill to ensure Brook does not remain fighting on the outside but it is Brooks reaction to Golovkins punches which we are waiting to see. In conclusion this will hopefully be a great fight and a statement from Kell that he will fight anyone, even someone who is a bigger weight class than him, hits sensationally hard and is avoided by fighters even in his own division! A real show of courage from Kell.

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