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Roy Jones Jr

The Art of Deception

There is a famous quote by Sun Tzu which reads ‘All war is based on deception.’ When it comes to high level boxing we see more and more that this is the case because your typical combinations are not going to break through the guard of a highly skilled boxer without any sort of set up as they would have been honed in defending these combinations countless times.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the body jab of Ezzard Charles and how he would then disguise the left hook to look like the body jab – I mentioned Roy Jones Jr as one of the fighters who would use this same move so in this article I am going to have a look at some of the disguises Roy Jones Jr used when throwing punches to make his opponent think one punch was coming, but Jones would end up throwing another. Jones has a very underrated ring IQ and his speed and reflexes allowed him to quickly capitalise on his set ups or the mistakes of his opponents.

The first disguise we see is how Roy Jones Jr would use a touch jab to draw the lead and then go under the opponents jab with a right hook to the body, we then see Jones use the touch jab and now go over the top of the opponents jab with a right hook to the head.

Next you can see Jones will touch the jab to the opponents glove and shoot a jab to the body. Jones will see the opponent drops the rear hand parry to defend the body jab so now Jones will touch the opponents glove again with the jab but then make it look like he is going to jab to the body but instead shoot a left hook to the head. Following this Jones will now touch with the right hand, just falling short in order to set up his left hook to the head, making his opponent think the right hand is coming so they are setting up to defend the right cross but instead here comes the hard left hook.

Finally we see Jones again using the touch jab or firing fast jabs short of his opponents head, he will throw a number of these because his aim is not to land his jabs but rather switch his opponent off from what is going to come after these jabs – which ends up being a big right hand.

Deception is a huge part of a boxers tool box, when fighting the best you need to have a sharp ring IQ to break the defence of your opponent and using deception through feints, set ups and traps will be instrumental in getting the win. Watch Roy Jones Jr in action in the video below.

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