Special offer - Fayz ABC Watford Boxing Club
Learn The Art of Boxing and Get Fit Faster with Watford’s Number 1 Boxing Coach

Thinking About White Collar Boxing But Not Sure Where To Start or Simply Want To Learn How To Box to get fit, lose weight and beat stress?

Claim Your Discounted Membership To Fayz’ Fight Club in Watford.

Boxing is the perfect workout for getting fit. It’s fat burning, and cardio fitness rolled into one pedal-to-the-metal, balls-to-the-wall workout.

Your Training Includes:

  • Fayz’ Fighting Fit Club Sessions: This is where we teach you all the technical skills you need to learn the art of boxing without getting in the ring.
  • Fayz’ Boxfit: In this session we’ll be punching the pads, and pushing the heart rate right up, to get you fitter and leaner faster.
  • Fayz’ Boxing Conditional Sparring: Put it all together with drills inside the ring to take your game to the next level one step at a time. We'll build your fight game round by round so you are confident both physically and mentally as a boxer. 

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