Sting Leather Boxing Gloves Review


sting boxing gloves review

Sting Leather Boxing Gloves


The Sting Boxing gloves are a relatively new name in boxing. I certainly had not heard of them when one of my guys came to our session with a fancy looking pair of gloves with Sting emblazoned across them which looked like something out of a Spiderman movie(warning – these gloves might actually give you superpowers). To my pleasant surprise though, they are the official gloves used by the USA amateur team which confirms they are a quality made glove.

Official Gloves of USA Boxing
Sting Leather Boxing Gloves

Now it depends on which Sting gloves you purchase, naturally the higher the cost, the better the quality. The gloves my client purchased were of excellent quality. Very similar to the cleto reyes Velcro leather gloves, which means if you fancy yourself as a bit of a puncher, these gloves are perfect for you because they are what I call ‘punchers’ gloves, this means your punch always feels more solid in these gloves even though they weigh the same as the next pair of 16oz gloves, the way the weight is distributed aids your punching power, which just makes you feel more confident both on the pads and in the ring if you are sparring. The gloves also feel lighter on your hands than many other brands of gloves and the overall quality is is top notch, you can just feel the gloves and realise it is a well made glove using the best materials. Sting are an excellent choice of glove if you are looking for a new pair.

An alternative to the Sting Boxing Gloves is Cleto Reyes Leather Boxing gloves, some of the best money can buy and another ‘punchers’ glove.

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