Strength and Conditioning for Boxing – The Speed Deadlift

Strength and Conditioning for Boxing - The Speed Deadlift

The Deadlift – King of Boxing Exercises?


When it comes to selecting weights for your boxing program then you would be hard pressed to find a better weight training exercise than the deadlift. The deadlift has so many benefits which help your boxing training, such as increased strength and power, a stronger core, working the posterior chain to protect against knockouts and more explosive power for your punches. But it isn’t just heavy deadlifts which can help your training, the speed deadlift also makes the perfect choice for your strength and conditioning program.

The speed deadlift involves selecting a weight that is 30-50% of your one rep max, you then lift this weight for 2-3 reps for 5-6 sets. You must lower the weight slowly and then lift the weight explosively to train the speed deadlift correctly. You should not aim for more than 3 reps because when it comes to speed training, the aim is fast and explosive lifting, if you begin to increase the weights you reduce the effectiveness for explosive power because speed reps cannot be performed explosively if you are doing too many reps.

Dhruv demonstrates below how to train the speed deadlift using the trap bar. As with heavy deadlift training, the usual rules apply when it comes to technique. Keep the core tight and move your toes/mid-foot under the bar driving upwards through your heels. The eyes should be looking straight ahead and bend over and hold the bar with a shoulder width grip, bend your knees to pick up the bar and ensure you lift your chest up and straighten the lower back on the way up.

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