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Coach Mustafa

Another excellent guest on my podcast and a big thank you to Coach Mustafa for taking the time out to join me.

Mustafa Meekins is a Pro Boxing coach who has welcomed some big names to his gym including World Champion Gervonta Davis. Coach Mustafa has an old school style of boxing to his teaching and it was really very interesting to listen to his thoughts on Boxing and get his views on a range of topics.

Mustafa has a large following on Instagram and his teachings have become very popular because he was one of the first(maybe even the first?) to really start demonstrating some of the old school tips and tricks. You can count several current and former world champions amongst his instagram followers so there is no doubt Coach Mustafa knows what he is talking about and that he is going to be a big name in the world of Boxing.

Watch the full interview below and you can follow Coach Mustafa on his Instagram profile @MustafasBoxing

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