The Untouchable Kash Farooq joins The Fayz Boxcast


Kash Farooq

Kash Farooq was heading for big things and big fights before a health issue sadly ended his boxing career. The slick Bantamweight was stacking up the wins and picking up titles in the process when it was revealed earlier in the year he would have to put a stop to an extremely promising career.

The one they called Untouchable was 16-1 and the lone defeat was a controversial one with fellow countryman Lee McGregor and a rematch was in the works before the news of his retirement was announced.

Kash was known his defence, very slick with his head movement and precise with his counter punching. Farooq was aggressive with his defence and was always coming forward, slipping, rolling shots and landing his counter punching.

It was a pleasure to have him on the Fayz Boxcast and discuss his life and career in Boxing. Farooq reveals a love of Boxing history which helped shape his Boxing style and talks what he has in store for his future. I wish Kash the very best with the path he chooses to take and I have no doubt he will be successful at it, just as he was in the ring.

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