Three Counters Using The Uppercut


Three Counters Using The Uppercut

How to use the uppercut as a Counter

So recently I was asked by one of my guys how they could use the uppercut as a counter, so after demonstrating to him in last nights boxing training how this could be done I thought it would be a great idea to write a short article on this too.


The uppercut is a great punch, it’s a nasty punch when it lands and is especially great up close, it doesn’t even need to be loaded up on because very often it is a punch you don’t see coming as it is thrown from under and boxers make the mistake of taking their eyes off their opponent when fighting in close or up against the ropes, this means because you don’t see it coming, it hurts a lot more. It is also a punch you shouldn’t need to wind up on, throw it short and sharp, using any sort of wind up means your opponent has a better chance of seeing the punch coming, when fighting inside this means keeping shoulder movement to a minimum so as to not signal that the punch is about to be thrown.


Try not to lead with the uppercut unless you are fighting on the ropes or inside, throwing the uppercut which is generally a short punch shouldn’t really be used to lead in the centre of the ring or when your opponent is at arms length, it leaves you far too open for a counter, such as when Buster Douglas tried this against Evander Holyfield and was promptly knocked out by a counter right hand.

So let’s take a look at three counters using the uppercut. The counters below assume you are an orthodox fighting against another orthodox boxer.


  1. Countering the right hand. If your opponent throws the right cross at you, you can counter this by rolling with the punch, this means turning the hips and moving the lead shoulder from left to right. This helps you to rotate the hips so you are already in position to counter with a punch. Counter with a right uppercut to your opponents solar plexus.
  2. Catching the left hook to the body(or head) and countering with a right uppercut. This technique uses the same hand to both catch and then counter. The uppercut should be thrown at the opponents head. This is more of an old school technique often used by fighters who employ the shoulder roll or philly shell defence. Examples of more recent fighters using this technique include Floyd Mayweather Jnr, Andre Ward and James Toney.
  3. Outside slip, uppercut. This counter is used against the opponents jab. When a jab is thrown at you, slip outside(so your left shoulder should be moving towards your right foot) and then counter with a right uppercut to the head. Not the most common of counters to the jab but still a very effective method which if it lands, will no doubt plant the seeds of hesitation in the mind of your opponent since no one likes a hard counter to the jab they are most going to be using.


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how to use the uppercut as a counter, Three Counters Using The Uppercut

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