What Boxing Bag Should I Get?


what boxing bag should I get

What Boxing Bag Should I Get?

Very often when someone makes a decision to start boxing, the first choice they make is which gloves should I buy? The next step in their boxing training tends to be, shall I buy a punch bag for my garage/shed or garden?
The decision usually comes down to how much space you have and how much work you want to put in. If you don’t want to put in anything extra such as wall brackets and simply want to slot a bag in, then a free standing punch bag should be sufficient. If you want a heavier and more sturdy bag then you will likely require a bag which hangs from the frame or wall bracket.
Myself, I have a free standing punch bag outside in the garden as for me that was much easier. In this article I will give you a number of options to answer your question of what boxing bag should I get?

Lions Free Standing Punch Bag

This is the punch bag I currently have at home. I have had this for over 2yrs and it is still going strong. It is pretty easy to assemble and then you can fill the base with either sand or water – I chose water. It is sturdy enough, It does wobble from time to time and it can rarely fall over from a heavy shot but for your standard boxing training and punch combinations this holds up very well. It is also priced very well for a product which I believe is of good quality. If you are tight for space in which case a free standing bag is more suitable then I recommend this punch bag.


Gallant 6ft Free Standing Punch Bag

This bag is one I have used as my brother keeps this in his garden. Another good product and high quality which has to hold up to numerous kids punching and kicking it when they are over! If it can sustain beatings from multiple children over the years then its pretty safe to say it is a good choice. I would say this is a little more sturdy than the Lions bag too but this likely isn’t down to quality, they are both high quality products, the only difference is the one my brother has is filled with sand whereas mine is water. I haven’t seen this bag topple over so you might want to invest in some sand bags to fill up the free standing bag.

TurnerMax Leather Punch Bag

I’m not going to recommend any punch bag under 5ft so make sure whichever bag you choose is at least 5ft. In my experience anything less just isn’t worth the money as often one or two decent punches will send it into a swing and you will be constantly having to stop to adjust the bag or keep it still. 5 and 6ft bags will still have a bit of swing or sway, which is absolutely fine but too much of a swing just isn’t practical. When choosing a hanging bag you will want to have one which is made of good quality leather and the TurnerMax punch makes a good choice.


Sporteq 5ft Leather Punch Bag

Standard punch bags aren’t always the easiest on the wrists when using them for uppercuts. If you are looking for a more versatile bag and don’t want spending the extra money on such a bag then this is a good choice. Allowing to throw all of your punch combinations and varieties without worrying about your wrists.


Century BOB Free Standing Punch Bag

Well no list of punch bags would be complete without including the famous BOB punch bag. If you want a more realistic feel to your training, maybe you just need to have a face in front of you to focus your punches on, then BOB is your man. Great quality and obviously shaped in human form to give it a more natural feel. Weighing up to 270lbs when filled with sand or water, it is going to be quite hard to topple this heavyweight!


Don’t forget when using the punch bag, it is always safer to prevent injury by protecting the hands with wraps. I recommend 4-4.5m hand wraps for sufficient protection.


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