What happened to you?

You use to be the best player in school, everyone always picked you first for their team when you'd play at lunch times or after school but now? You've stopped playing sports, you go to the gym once a month and then quit for six months because you can't find the time to fit it in between work and taking the kids out. You'll wait until the new year to try again before quitting to try again when the sun comes out in summer(if it ever does...)

But its time we changed this, its time everyone knew who you once used to be. No more telling tales of your youth to your co-workers or your children(neither of who believe you any more). It's time to reclaim your youth! It's never too late to turn back the clock and re-gain your enthusiasm and be the man you were always meant to be! It's time to stop telling yourself you'll start next week or next month and time to realise another year has passed and now you are another year older and a few pounds heavier.

So why work with me? Because I have been through everything you have been through, I was that sporty child growing up, but then life takes a change as you grow up and become an adult, there are relationships, there are children and now there is also work. So many pressures yet so little time, and unfortunately that means we fail to find the time to look after the most important person - ourselves. As we grow older, the more we neglect our health, both mentally and physically, the quicker we are afflicted with ill health and a low self esteem.

And that's why I am here for you. I want to help YOU become the person you deserve to be and the person I know you can be! Your co-workers will marvel at your new found confidence(you might even end up with a new job or promotion once you have seen the benefits of Boxing on your self esteem, you'll be looking for new challenges!) if you have children you'll be their Superhero! Remember in the school playground when the kids would proclaim 'my dad's better than your dad!' well you'll be the best dad now! No more dreading turning up at the kids sports day....

Look and part and act the part, become stronger and more confident in yourself knowing you can protect yourself and your family - you can even show your family and friends your new found Boxing skills! You'll become fitter and as a result, healthier which will equal an all round better and more positive life. No more coming home stressed from work, get on the pads with me and throw some punches and you'll be relieved of all the stress.

So if you're the type of person who wants to better themselves, not just for yourself but for your partner and children and your someone who wants to challenge themselves, invest in their health and change your life for the better then I want to hear from you! If you're someone who isn't committed, runs away from hard work and discipline and doesn't want your loved ones to look up to you then click the back button and find yourself another trainer who is only interested in taking your money.

fitter, faster, stronger

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