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Don't feel your best? Worried you won't have the energy to spend quality time with your children on loved ones? Lacking confidence and self esteem because you are not happy with the way you look?

Then this is where I come in to help!

Fight Night - Fighting Fit

Four weeks, four sessions per week for a fat busting package which focuses on Boxercise and strength and conditioning. Perfect for those looking to get into shape for a big event such as a wedding, anniversary, party, holiday or even if you are preparing to participate for a fight or sporting event! Gloves and hand wraps included.

Only £999

Private Training - Option 1

  • 1 private training session per week
  • 1 free group training session per week

£220 per month

Private Training - Option 2

  • 1 private training session per week
  • free group training (five sessions per week)

£299 per month

Group Training Only

  • Access to 5 group classes per week!

£97 per month

All packages are five sessions per week unless otherwise stated and come with a 7 day Money back guarantee. If you aren't completed satisfied with changing your life with me, I will refund your money in full!*

Not sure which is the right package for you? Then why not try my once/twice weekly Private or Group training sessions. Contact me using the link below for more details.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Please call for details.

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