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Billy Padden

The Fayz Boxing Podcast kicked off with a very special guest. Billy Padden is someone I have been keeping in touch with on my Instagram account @fayz_boxing

He has been something of a mentor to me, advising me on coaching and sharing little secrets of the old school boxing so when I decided I wanted to do a podcast(it was actually a spur of the moment decision based on an off the cuff remark)I knew immediately I wanted to bring Billy on as soon as possible.

It was an honour to welcome him on as my first guest. Billy Padden was coached by Willie Reddish. If you don’t know who Willie Reddish is, he was the coach to Heavyweight Legend Sonny Liston. Reddish also trained many accomplished fighters, Gil Turner, Gypsy Joe Harris as well as working with another heavyweight legend, Joe Frazier.

Billy was trained by Reddish in the boxing hub of the USA – Philadelphia and in less than a year he went from a complete beginner to National Collegiate Champion. In the podcast Billy goes over his start in boxing, his sparring with some big names and how injury derailed a chance to turn pro but led him on to the path of becoming a boxing coach.

As a Boxing coach, Billy has worked with champions in both Boxing and UFC, demonstrating his wide reaching knowledge of the game. Be sure to watch the podcast in full because if you love real old school boxing, you’ll love this. Coach Padden shares a number of secrets which were used by the old school and you’ll no doubt come out of watching this with some gems of boxing knowledge you can use to apply to improve your own game, Billy shares some fascinating boxing tricks and I am sure in future I will invite him on again to share some more stories of his experiences in boxing because he really is a wealth of knowledge. You can follow Coach Padden on his instagram @Billy_Padden

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